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(Things to bring, what to expect)


- I suggest a small suitcase full of mix and match outfits

- Otherwise please bring a ready made style's

- Bring some ideas with you


- Bring a few pairs of shoes (sneakers, heels...etc) sometimes leg warmers are fun

- Bring accessories if you want them


- Any work out gear YOU LOVE gloves, bands...etc... I do have weights up to 30lbs

- if you would like to come a few minutes early to do a small workout simply ask me.
  I should be able to accommodate without issue if I know in advance.

- Bring a friend if you feel more comfortable that way, I have a couch they can sit on and watch.

- Don't be afraid to ask about an idea you have, sometimes the ideas that seem the most out their are the BEST ONES!




- If you are spray tanning, do it the day before and wash it off before you come (I CANNOT photoshop all those streaks)

- I often like to use a baby oil gel to give your skin a nice glow. 
  (This is not necessary of course it's totally up to you, and what you feel comfortable with)

- I also use a spray bottle with water at times to give you a nice shine and aesthetically pleasing look.


- Don't feel shy at all if you have an idea please share it with me I'd love to hear it ( I say this allot I know)

- Allot of time's clients have not idea what to do, well that's what I am here for I can be you posing coach the whole time just mirror me

- If you have something you want photoshopped or don't want touched. Tell me!

- These are your photos and your happiness with them is most important.


- Bring ideas! Pinterest, print offs, phone images. Anything you like helps me get and idea of the style you are looking for,


© 2021 MNEO Designs Photography

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