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What do you suggest I bring with me?

Anything can be sexy!! I definitely suggest bringing a corset or a favorite piece of lingerie, a push up bra and matching pantie set, and some boy shorts.  Other idea’s for outfits: a seductive top, hats, his shirt and tie, brightly colorful panties and bra’s (pink, purple, teal, red), lots of personal jewellery ( long necklaces and some bling are great!), sexy skirts, a leather jacket, your favorite LBD, garters, a chiffon scarf, or a a baby doll. Another idea is to bring themed outfits like a retro pin up outfit, a bad cop, a french maid, or a naughty school girl. And of course lots and lots of high heels in lots of different colors and styles!! Just have fun with it!

Do you provide outfits and props for the shoot?
I do have some props that can be added, but no outfits.

How many outfits should I bring?
As many as you like and we will tailor them down once you get here.
As a loose guideline the Quick & Dirty we can shoot up to 5 outfits.


What types of backgrounds do you have?
Right now I have 3 that I tend to use, black, white and dark grey.

Do I need to use your hair and make up stylist?

No, you don’t have to but she comes highly recommended to get the looks that you see on our website. Her services are not only amazing but add to the whole experience of your glamorous experience. Make up application for studio photography is very different than everyday make up and my stylists has been in the industry for years. Plus they are both a lot of fun!

Who will be at my shoot?
Just you and me the MUAH will leave when she has complete your look or if you like she will stick around and be there for touchups. The door for the prep room and the studio can be closed while you and I work. Female to female.

Will you help me pose?
Of course thats my job! I will be there with you the whole way with the aid of reference material.

Do I have to be a size 2 to get great photo’s? And what if I don’t like my thighs/tummy/arms?
Not at all and there is no need to worry! I celebrates women of all sizes.

I have a lot of girlfriends that want to come in at the same time. Do you offer boudoir parties?
Yes, this is perfect for bachelorette parties, birthday parties or just a great night out with your ladies.

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